Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tips: Turning Your House Into a Home

Moving can either be a fantastic experience which brings out the best of you, or a dreadful process that stands for anxiety and incredible amounts of stress. For most people, it's somewhere in between. The secret to making moving bearable is to always keep the greater imagine in your mind: if you are to care for all meaningless details and small irregularities which come with every move, you'll definitely loose it sooner or later. Thus, make moving a nice moment of your life and have your family contributewith love and good spirit.
The most important aspect of the entire moving process is turning your newly bought house into a home. The main purpose of everything you attempt in this direction is to turn this "black canvas" into a reflection of you. How can you do that? Easy: like I said earlier, don't let yourself get caught in small distractions and put love and passion into everything you carry on. Here are a few tips in this direction:
1. Choose a style. I believe it's indicated to choose a style prior to buying the furniture and the accessories. Why? Because by this means you avoid turning your gorgeous, new house into a kitsch. Combining rustic furniture with minimalistic chairs and French lamps can pretty much turn into a disaster. Thus, you can choose from styles such as:
- Contemporary: if you're an IT girl (pardon my saying so) you must be perfectly familiar with what's in and what's not. Base your shopping on such criteria.
- Traditional
- Retro/Vintage: everything from Andy Warhol to flowery water beds fits in here.
- Shabby chic (ladies!)
- Industrial - a rougher minimalism
2. Be artistic. Don't be afraid to add an unique, personal touch to everything you own. As long as it's done in a tasteful manner, you can combine items from related styles and create something truly personal and ravishing.
3. Turn it into a family experience. Decorating the house isn't just your job. Have your loved ones contribute - put your kids in charge of the garden and your husband in charge of the attic and the living room. Make sure everyone has something to do. In this way you'll avoid getting stressed out and you'll turn the whole thing into something memorable.
Don't forget to hold a party after you're done. Invite your friends and relatives and let them know how happy you are with your new home. Also, if you're religious, you might want to invite a priest over as well and have him bless your home. You can't get any more comfortable than that, and I'm sure "Paranormal Activity" will seem a lot less scarier after that.
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