Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Make A Room Look Bigger Using Light

For those of you angling after a larger house because you think your current one isn't big enough, think again. The property market is tenuous at best at the moment, and there are plenty of tricks you can use to make your rooms seem much larger than they are. With a little bit of thought about the way you use light and colour in your home, you can make sure it is a haven of space and comfort for your whole family.

Make the most of natural light

In the fight to make your home seem larger, the sun is your greatest ally. Make the most of all the natural light you have available. Get rid of any heavy curtains and draperies and open up your windows. By letting the light stream in you will chase away the shadows, opening up the whole room into a bright space.

Decorate with light colours

It is not enough to let the light do the work for you. Light colours are much better at reflecting light than dark colours, so try decorating with cool creams and icy blues rather than browns and blacks. Generally speaking, the brighter the room the bigger and more inviting it feels. Striking a balance between colour and light is key.
Another trick is to match the colours with the outside. For example, if you have a large window overlooking some beautiful green shrubbery, why not decorate the room with pale greens and airy blues? This will unify the outside and inside, making the space feel much larger.

Garden rooms and roof lanterns

For some people, simply enlarging their house is more desirable than moving to a completely new location. Conservatories and garden rooms can be absolute light traps in winter as well as summer, with light streaming in from all angles. Beautiful glazed buildings create a comfortable, sociable space and roof lanterns can open up an existing room, making it bright and airy.
Don't forget interior lights
Although nothing beats natural light to brighten up a room, the use of artificial light should by no means be overlooked. Installing tracked lights, uplights, or recessed lights will help you deal with dark shadows that can make a room feel closed and small. These lights tend to be subtle and unobtrusive, as well as visually appealing. Uplights are great for bouncing light off the ceiling which can help to light up a whole room.

Mirror, mirror

Mirrors can make your room look larger. By angling your mirrors towards a focal point you will create an illusion of depth. It does wonderful things reflecting both natural and artificial light, making the room brighter at night as well as during the day. By placing a mirror near a window it will reflect the outdoor scene which also gives a sense of space, and mirrored cabinet doors can help make your room feel uncluttered.
By paying close attention to the way the light falls in the room, it is possible to use pale colours, windows and mirrors to greatly enlarge the sense of space in your house. The addition of conservatories and roof lanterns will also add value to your home, making it a wise investment for the future. You do not have to feel confined by the walls of your rooms - by investing a little money and time in the project your home will soon feel bright, airy and spacious.

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