Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Make A Room Look Bigger Using Light

For those of you angling after a larger house because you think your current one isn't big enough, think again. The property market is tenuous at best at the moment, and there are plenty of tricks you can use to make your rooms seem much larger than they are. With a little bit of thought about the way you use light and colour in your home, you can make sure it is a haven of space and comfort for your whole family.

Make the most of natural light

In the fight to make your home seem larger, the sun is your greatest ally. Make the most of all the natural light you have available. Get rid of any heavy curtains and draperies and open up your windows. By letting the light stream in you will chase away the shadows, opening up the whole room into a bright space.

Tips: Turning Your House Into a Home

Moving can either be a fantastic experience which brings out the best of you, or a dreadful process that stands for anxiety and incredible amounts of stress. For most people, it's somewhere in between. The secret to making moving bearable is to always keep the greater imagine in your mind: if you are to care for all meaningless details and small irregularities which come with every move, you'll definitely loose it sooner or later. Thus, make moving a nice moment of your life and have your family contributewith love and good spirit.
The most important aspect of the entire moving process is turning your newly bought house into a home. The main purpose of everything you attempt in this direction is to turn this "black canvas" into a reflection of you. How can you do that? Easy: like I said earlier, don't let yourself get caught in small distractions and put love and passion into everything you carry on. Here are a few tips in this direction: